Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Reasons L.A. Should Trade Andrew “Big Baby” Bynum Now!



On February 4th, in my Bleacher Report article, "Los Angeles Lakers: Will Phil Jackson & Kobe Bryant Author Another 3-Peat?" I suggested trading Andrew Bynum AND Shannon Brown for Carmelo Anthony AND Ty Lawson.  As far as I know, no one has suggested this trade package; they have all been focused on Bynum for Carmelo only.

The following slide show presentation gives 10 reasons why the Los Angeles Lakers should trade Andrew Bynum NOW before their window of opportunity closes in approximately 2 weeks, on February 24th, when the NBA trade deadline officially ends.

Using Bynum as a viable trade piece with Denver will enable the Lakers to re-stock their franchise with a young, superstar player like Carmelo Anthony, who could eventually replace Kobe Bryant.

And if they use "Big Baby" Bynum as trade bait NOW, along with Shannon Brown, I believe it's possible for the Lakers to not only get a superstar in Carmelo, but also the much needed, young, quick, penetrating point guard in Ty Lawson, something they have sorely lacked since Magic Johnson retired..

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