Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Player Matchups They Are Dreading in the NBA Playoffs

When you’ve been number one for two years running, every team and every player wants a piece of you.  Come playoff time, the Los Angeles Lakers may find they are the target of every opponent who is looking to create a name for himself by knocking off Kobe Bryant and the two time defending champions.

There have always been players around the league who give the Lakers fits.  Whether it’s a quick, penetrating point guard who drives around perfect screens or a high scoring forward with twists and turns that keep Laker defenders off balance, there’s always been that one player who makes life miserable for the Purple and Gold.

As the league heads into the final third of the regular season, L.A. coaches are already thinking ahead to playoff time and devising ways they might combat those special players that seem to have their number.

Here, then, are 10 player match ups the Lakers dread heading into post season play. 

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