Los Angeles Lakers: 10 Different Lineups Mike Brown Should Consider Using

After a failed three-peat run last year, the Lakers will enter the new season with a near identical roster and a brand new coach—Mike Brown.

As coach of the Cavaliers, Brown was known as a defensive specialist and was often criticized for his offense—what I like to call the “give-the-ball-to-LeBron-and-have-everyone-else-stand-around offense.”

Some have said that the Lakers need to shake up their roster if they want to compete for a championship. Others, including Brown and the Lakers management, have said that the roster is fine as is.

Here are 10 different lineups that Mike Brown should consider using. Not all of them are starting lineups, but lineups the Lakers could use at certain points of the game.

The first five lineups assume that the Lakers do not make any changes to their current roster.

The last five assume various trades or free agent signings.

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