Los Angeles Coaches Under Severe Scrutiny

So, your dream job is to coach or manage a professional sports team, and not just any team, but one of those glamorous, powerful and tradition-laden teams like USC, UCLA or the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers and Dodgers.

Well, you better think twice because right now every one of those managers and coaches are under severe scrutiny and in jeopardy of losing their vaunted jobs.

Some, like Ben Howland of UCLA, with a current record of 18-6, are being howled at daily for not being John Wooden or having a more upbeat coaching style.

Who would want to be Mike D'Antoni, the Lakers coach, who is not Phil Jackson and thus under constant criticism for having too upbeat a style?

With a new, high-priced roster and a management team led by super-vocal former Lakers superstar Magic Johnson, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly better win a World Series or it's "Hasta la vista, Baby!"

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Clippers have never won anything, but are now suddenly competing for an NBA championship, so Coach Vinnie Del Negro is under constant fire.

The USC football team, rated the No. 1 team in the BCS at the beginning of last season, is losing recruits, losing steam and Lane Kiffin's coaching job may be the next big loss.

What's a coach to do?

Should these guys take the fall for their teams, their traditions or their managements' problems?

Would you want this job?

Let's take a closer look at this unusual trend in the ever-trendy City of Angels.

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