Los Angeles Clippers: Would Matchup with the Lakers Be the Series of the Decade?

Less than five months ago, Chris Paul received the news he had been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers to be paired in the backcourt with Kobe Bryant.

Now, Paul is two rounds away from potentially leading Los Angeles' other team, the Clippers, into an all-L.A. showdown against Bryant's Lakers.

It would be the first time in NBA history that all games in a playoff series would be played in the same building.

For hoops fans on the West Coast, particularly in Southern California, it would absolutely be the series of the decade. The rest of the nation, however, might not deem it so worthy.

Both teams still have their work cut out for them to reach that grand stage. If they do manage the feat, here are a few reasons why it would be a one-of-a-kind matchup.

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