LeBron James: LeBron Is No Michael Jordan, and He’s Not Magic Either

There was a time not too long ago when some people speculated that Miami Heat forward LeBron James had a chance to be as good or better than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

After two less than awe-inspiring postseason performances, which includes last season's NBA Finals, James' fans have shied away from the Jordan theory and have instead settled on Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson as a more suitable comparison.

Comparing James to Magic may be just as bad as comparing him to Jordan, maybe even worse.

For those of us privileged enough to have seen Magic play in his prime, one thing clearly stood out. Magic was fully vested in the business of making the players around him better, and all of the other parts of his game were a bonus.

Some analysts and fans look at James' ability to distribute the basketball combined with his size and naturally assume that his skill set most resembles Magic's, but while Johnson was born to be a floor general, garnering assists is just part of LeBron's game.

Johnson had the rare ability to turn decent players like Byron Scott into very good ones and very good players like James Worthy into Hall-of-Famers.

The Magic-LeBron comparisons began in earnest after James averaged a career-high 8.6 assists during the 2009-10 season, but James' best season in that category to date would actually rate as the third-worst assists average of Magic's career.

In fact, Magic's gaudy career 11.2 assists per game average was amplified by a stretch of nine straight seasons in double digits which helped certify him as the best point guard to ever play the game.

So does James really deserve the Magic comparison, considering he has yet to average double-digit assists in one season, while Magic made that standard a trademark of his game?

I'm sure that James fans will say the true comparison between James and M...

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