LeBron James Isn’t Looking to Help Kobe Bryant Rebuild the Los Angeles Lakers

Recently there has been talk of LeBron James teaming up with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014.

Frankly, I can’t see that deal happening. Hell would probably freeze over first. There are also talks of Carmelo Anthony joining the Lakers as well, but Anthony would have a hard time playing third fiddle to both Bryant and James.

Can you imagine those three on the court playing together successfully? It would be a tough sell since all three players are used to being the main man for their respective teams.

I get the fact that the Lakers organization would not want to waste any time rebuilding. The Clippers are no longer the Lakers’ little brother to be mocked at. It is a no-brainer that the Lakers front office would want to sign the biggest name in the NBA to their team. Passing the torch from Kobe to LeBron would be heaven-sent.

One big issue stands in the way of James playing in Bryant’s city: ego!

Chris Fedor a writer from the website “Sports Radio Interviews” highlights the rivalry between the two players. Fedor transcribed a conversation between Kobe and the ESPN Radio Los Angeles hosts Mason and Ireland from this past February.

The hosts asked Kobe if James was as good as he is.

He replied, "Is he as good as me? I mean every time you start comparing players to some of the all-time greats then you have to put him in that same room."

From the water cooler discussions to the sports show panelists debating who the best player in the NBA is, James is most likely to come out on top.  Bryant is right up there, but James is now the face of the NBA.

When these debates of who is the greatest player of all time arises, championships are always a factor. James now has two coming off back-to-back NBA titles from the past two seasons. Bryant has five. As teammates, when one wins a title, the other one does as wel...

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