Lamar Odom Video: Watch Odom’s Circus Shot Against the Utah Jazz

Lamar Odom Video: Lakers fans are used to exciting feats of brilliance. Most of the time these come from their star player Kobe Bryant. But every once in a while, another player steps up to wow Staples Center with a circus shot.

Last night, Lamar Odom stepped up with a miracle lob that went in. 

The Lakers were taking on the Utah Jazz last night, which is always a fun proposition, as long as the Lakers are playing at home. The ball just seems to fall through the net for LA when this is the case. 

With a little over nine minutes to play in the fourth quarter of a game that was already slipping out of Utah's control, Lamar Odom had the ball on the wing. He tried to slip past Francisco Elson, which is usually an easy task, if you have the ability to walk and dribble at the same time. 

Elson, lacking the ability to play that little known item of defense, bumps Odom for the foul. Lamar immediately throws the ball in the air as he runs out of bounds. The ball travels over the backboard and through the net.

All at once, the Jazz had to be thinking, "Really, so that is going to start falling for them too?"

The Lakers went on to win the game 120-91. There is no telling if Jerry Sloan was actually awake for the night's events. 

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