Lamar Odom and Other Road Trip-Worthy Los Angeles Lakers Players, Coaches

The Los Angeles Lakers are situated in the perfect place for fantastic fun.  The Lakers are situated near Hollywood where they have what other NBA franchises don't have: a zoo of effervescent activity in their backyard. 

Lakers players have close proximity to the movie and TV stars.  Also, the Lakers aren't far from great surfing spots on the Pacific Ocean.  They're in striking distance of some of the swankiest neighborhoods in the country.

Add in the freewheeling organizational culture of the Lakers and the recipe cooks up a breeding ground for fun people.

Now, what if a person had the opportunity to bottle up all of this fun and take it on the road?

Let's say a person has a seven-seat van and must plan a road trip accompanied by members of the Los Angeles Lakers, past and present.  That person would have many worthy candidates to choose from.

Following is a list of the most road trip-worthy members of the Lakers.

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