Lakers Trade Rumors: Why the Lowry and Scola Trade Makes the Most Sense

Pau Gasol is most likely on his way out of Los Angeles, and acquiring Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola in a deal would be the best option for the Lakers.

Throughout last season and heading into the offseason, Pau Gasol's name has been used the most in trade rumors for the Lakers.

While each of scenario floated around by NBA analysts can help, the trade the Lakers should pursue is with the Houston Rockets is for Kyle Lowry and Luis Scola.

With Lowry's issues with the Rockets' coaching/management, along with Goran Dragic's emergence, the Rockets should be willing to deal Lowry. Dragic can step in and take over as the starting point guard for the Rockets.


Premier point guard

This trade would give the Lakers a premier point guard, one they have lacked for years. While Ramon Sessions could return to the Lakers next season, he would serve the team well coming off the bench.

Lowry is a player who can be another scorer for opponents to have to worry about. Last season, he connected on 40.9 percent of his shots and 37.4 percent of his three-pointers.

Lowry's ability to hit the three-point shot would help the Lakers spread the floor when they worked the ball inside to Andrew Bynum. This season, the Lakers had trouble in this area of the offense, since their outside shooters of Steve Blake, Matt Barnes and Jason Kapono were mainly unsuccessful behind the arc.


In this deal, Lowry wouldn't have pressure on him to constantly score since he would be the third or fourth scoring option on the team. If he chipped in 12-14 points a night, that would be significant amount behind Bryant, Bynum and even Scola.

In addition, Lowry has a very physical, defensive part to his game. He would fit well in Mike Brown's defense, and it will help the Lakers defend teams like the Spurs and Thunder, who also have premier point guards.

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