Lakers Trade Rumors: Team Is Smart to Keep Dwight Howard Through Struggles

There are many people waiting for the Los Angeles Lakers to make a move to deal Dwight Howard. It seems like that will not happen, though.

The stories surrounding the center appear to be more closely related to a soap opera than an NBA player.

All of the drama during the summer should have ended when he was traded to the Lakers. Instead, it only increased when the team got out to a slow start and he began to "feud" with Kobe Bryant.

People continue to find new sources that mention potential trades involving the three-time defensive player of the year. Most recently, it was Kevin Berger of CBS: has learned that the Lakers have engaged in preliminary trade discussions with an unlikely trade partner regarding Howard: their fierce rival, the Boston Celtics. The centerpieces of the possible deal, which hasn't gained any traction, would be Howard and Rajon Rondo.

Of course, general manager Mitch Kupchak denied such a trade shorty after (via ESPN).

It also turns out that what the GM is saying publicly is the same thing he is saying in private discussions, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

For Howard, the trade deadline comes on Thursday and rivals are still poking at the Lakers, understanding fully that Howard is miserable. When teams call to talk trade, they say, the Lakers' private message has been consistent with the public one: Howard isn't available, general manager Mitch Kupchak tells them.

This should clear up any confusion regarding future rumors. In reality, this is the smartest move the team could make. 

Howard is a rare talent in the middle of the court. He has been named first-team All NBA in each of the last five seasons. Considering he is leading the league with 11.8 rebounds per game and is fifth with 2.33 blocks per game, it would not be surprising to be named to a sixth-straight team.

He is undoubtedly...

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