Lakers Trade Rumors: Rob Hennigan’s Inexperience Contributing to Howard Fiasco

Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan is just 30 years old. A former Division III basketball star at Emerson College who holds a degree in broadcast journalism, he is the youngest general manager in the NBA.

He spent four years with the San Antonio Spurs, the latter two of his tenure in the front office under the guidance of the much-heralded Spurs management.

After his time with the Spurs was through, Hennigan moved on to the Oklahoma City Thunder organization, where he spent time working with Sam Presti, the current general manager who has ties to Spurs general manager R.C. Buford.

The three make up a trinity of NBA front office royalty of sorts.

Buford made his career off of his immense talents as a scout. Presti followed suit by receiving a fair share of credit for convincing the Spurs to take Tony Parker in the 2001 NBA draft. Both Presti and Hennigan attended Emerson College—albeit at different times—and Hennigan became Presti's protege in Oklahoma City.

That all leads us to where we are now—the most dramatic, back and forth trade debacle perhaps since Bill Walton chose to sit out the 1978-79 season when his trade request was denied by the Portland Trail Blazers. 

There's no reason to rehash the events of the last few months, but as of now, the Magic are mulling over the possibility of keeping Dwight Howard into the 2012-13 NBA season, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

That means the Los Angeles Lakers have a chance at missing out on one of the most coveted players of the summer.

This does not seem like a brilliant idea or intelligent business plan for Hennigan and the rest of the Orlando front office to be carrying out.

When Hennigan took the job, he said this (via ESPN per the AP):

Personally I look forward to sitting down with Dwight and sharing with him the vision and the direction we're going to...

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