Lakers Trade Rumors: Ramon Sessions Isn’t the Answer to LA’s Problems

The Los Angeles Lakers are desperate for help in their backcourt. While trading for Cleveland Cavaliers backup point guard Ramon Sessions is a nice addition, it’s not the answer to the team’s problems.

For that, the team has to look within.

I’m not faulting Sessions at all. In fact, he is the kind of player that will improve the Lakers offensively, defensively and with depth. The problem is that he will not make enough of an impact to change their ultimate playoff fate; a first-round departure.

With LA fourth in the Western Conference right now, Sessions will not add significant wins to their totals.

Alex Kennedy, NBA writer for HoopsWorld, reports on the Lakers' intentions to make a move in the backcourt:

The Lakers have expressed significant interest in Ramon Sessions, who will likely be traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers. After this season, Sessions has a $4,551,626 player option that he likely won’t exercise, which is why Cleveland wants to deal him now before losing him for nothing. This season, Sessions has emerged as a significant contributor behind Kyrie Irving, averaging 10.5 points and 5.4 assists off the bench for Cleveland. In four games as a starter, Sessions has averaged 17.8 points and 11 assists.

With Kobe getting older, a serious conflict of interests between Pau Gasol and ownership and an uncertain future with Andrew Bynum at center, adding Ramon Sessions will not help the Lakers’ personnel management any better.

The age of the team means that the mighty Lakers will need to rebuild from the ground up at some point. While LA doesn’t want to admit that or even contemplate having to rebuild, they need to face facts and just deal with it.

Eventually, Kobe won’t be there to save them. They will be stuck with plenty of terrible contracts and even worse players. While Sessions is a nice addition, he can’t solve the i...

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