Lakers Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Shouldn’t Be Fooled by Dwight Howard’s Interest

Dwight Howard would fit very well in Los Angeles' lineup next season, but the circus he's created this offseason makes it hard to care. At this point, Howard just needs to go somewhere, anywhere.

Howard's hopes haven't changed. According to ESPN reporters Chris Broussard and Ramona Shelburne the plan is pretty cut and dry.

Dwight Howard reiterated to Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan during a meeting Wednesday in Los Angeles that he still wants to be traded and will leave as a free agent after next season.

Los Angeles shouldn't even be paying attention to this. Howard's commitment has no credibility at this point. They can't risk losing an All-Star center in Andrew Bynum, especially if their talks of an extension come through.

According to Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register Mitch Kupchak is exploring that possibility.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak and Andrew Bynum’s agent spoke Wednesday about a contract extension for Bynum, an indication of the Lakers’ ongoing interest in locking Bynum beyond next season.

That's not to say anything is imminent. The Lakers have mistreated Bynum as much as Howard has mistreated the city of Orlando. Bynum could walk after this season, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he did, but at this point he's a more worthy risk than Howard.

Howard isn't going to create a stable situation anywhere at this point. Los Angeles would be swapping their supposed problem for another. Both ultra-talented centers may have a penchant for causing drama for the duration of their careers.

We know one thing. Howard doesn't want to play in Orlando. It's tough to really trust any "preferred" destination because he doesn't seem to know what he wants otherwise.

Bynum's contract extension should be Mitch Kupchak's No. 1 priority. He's already there, and the relationship could still be saved.

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