Lakers Trade Rumors: Latest on LA’s Potential Moves Ahead of Draft Day

As the 2014 NBA draft draws closer, it appears that the Los Angeles Lakers are working hard to make something happen, and rumors are continuing to grow about what they could do before or during the draft.

The Lakers are coming off another disappointing season, losing Kobe Bryant once again and going just 27-55. Fortunately for Lakers fans, there is hope. Kobe will likely be healthy next season, and the team has a ton of cap space to work with as they try to rebuild for the future.

Along with plenty of cap space, the Lakers also have the No. 7 overall pick, which they could use on one of the many talented prospects in this draft or trade away to add some other key pieces. Below are some of the latest rumors regarding what the Lakers could do ahead of draft day.


Lakers Talks To Acquire Klay Thompson May Be Dead

As the Lakers continue to try and find new playmakers, one name that has recently come up has been Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, although the chances of acquiring him are now apparently slim.

The Los Angeles Times' Mike Bresnahan wrote that the Lakers were in discussions as part of a three-way deal to acquire Thompson and give away the No. 7 overall pick in order for Kevin Love to move to the Warriors. However, according to the report, the Warriors were split on the possibility of giving up Thompson for Love.

Now, according to Bleacher Report's Ric Bucher, that deal may very well be dead, with Love unlikely to be traded before the draft:

Depending on how the draft plays out early, there's a possibility that this trade could happen, even if it's slim. If the Lakers decide that they don't like whoever is available with the No. 7 pick, they could try to push harder with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Warriors to make the deal happen.

Still, considering the other rumors surrounding the No. 7 pick, it's m...

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