Lakers Trade Rumors: LA Should Target Andrea Bargnani in Swap for Pau Gasol

Remember how the Los Angeles Lakers are a team with two players most comfortable in the post, no discernible shooting threat and generally don't have the roster to fit the spacing or system Mike D'Antoni coaches?

Of course you remember—you've been inundated with Lakers news all season long.

One of the most common topics of conversation has been Pau Gasol.

Sometimes we talk about how Gasol and Dwight Howard don't play well together. Sometimes we talk about how he's coming off the bench. Often, we discuss why his numbers have gone down in recent years. Almost always, we discuss if he'll be traded.

Honestly, it would make a lot of sense to move him. He'll bring a nice return, he doesn't fit the description of "stretch 4" that D'Antoni really needs and I'd guess he'd welcome a move at this point.

So what about Andrea Bargnani? Why not inquire about what the Toronto Raptors would sacrifice to land Gasol?

After all, it sounds as though the Raptors might be a natural trade partner, according to Marc Stein of ESPN:

Raptors president Bryan Colangelo, in the wake of the Gay trade, is now openly acknowledging that he's shopping former No. 1 overall pick Andrea Bargnani. The Lakers' interest in Bargnani remains a matter of debate in the midst of the Italian's worst-ever season by far, but the not-for-public-consumption message that continues to emanate from Canada is that Toronto remains intent on pursuing Gasol even after trading for Gay.

At a news conference Friday, Colangelo acknowledged that the Raptors are prepared to stray into luxury-tax territory in the "right transaction." One source close to the situation says Gasol is a guy who fits those parameters, depending on the rest of potential trade principals besides Bargnani./

So we'll see, over the next 20 days, if the Lakers change their stance on Gasol's availability... and if Toronto can even assemble a packa...

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