Lakers Trade Rumors: LA Must Find Dwight Howard Resolution Soon

The Los Angeles Lakers should take a page out of the playbook of the Brooklyn Nets and put a timetable on talks with the Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers concerning a Dwight Howard trade.

Discussions remain ongoing among the three teams and the respective player agents involved, but progress has slowed as the Magic look into other options, according to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio. He says any potential deal is in a "holding pattern."

The Lakers can't afford to wait much longer.

The main reason being Andrew Bynum.

Remember him? The 7'0" center who averaged 19 points, 12 rebounds and two blocks last season, finally living up to the hype that's surrounded him since he was drafted?

While Bynum played great last season, he's not known for having the best attitude. The fact that the Lakers have been dangling him in trade talks with hopes of landing a player at the same position can't be a position he enjoys being in.

Ultimately, it's a business move for the Lakers. If they can land Howard, it would provide another boost to their championship hopes.

That said, the Magic have shown no urgency to move the defensive stalwart, even though he can walk away at season's end.

That means a deal remains far from guaranteed.

And with each passing week, the Lakers risk alienating Bynum—a position that will make it more difficult to reign him back in should all talks fall through, forcing the team to enter next season with him as its starting center.

It's something general manager Mitch Kupchak must remain mindful of throughout the process. He has done a terrific job so far improving the roster, most notably by adding Steve Nash. That should get the Lakers right back in the title conversation.

All it takes is one bad apple to ruin all of Kupchak's wheeling and dealing, though. Bynum will still be an enormous part of the team next season i...

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