Lakers Trade Rumors: Involving Cavaliers in Dwight Howard Chase Is Right Move

Dwight Howard is the NBA's most coveted prize, but no team has found the right concoction to appease new Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan. This has led us to the NBA's version of a filibuster on multiple occasions, and we aren't sure when it's going to end.

One team has remained in constant pursuit. The Los Angeles Lakers want to win an NBA championship this season, and they feel that Howard is the missing piece to their puzzle. 

We've seen other teams try to acquire the All-Star center's services to no avail. The Brooklyn Nets have long been considered Howard's choice destination, but those talks broke off late last week. The Rockets were also a big name and were thought to be the only team capable of bringing Howard to their city without involving a third party, but nothing has come of that so far.

The Lakers have remained among the frontrunners for one reason: their All-Star center Andrew Bynum. He's the only pivot in the Association who rivals Howard on the low block. He doesn't bring Howard's intimidating defensive presence to the court, but he's a more polished offensive player. 

According to ESPN reporters Marc Stein and Chad Ford, Bynum's future destination has been discussed, but Orlando doesn't appear to be his eventual landing spot. 

The Rockets have been discussing a multitude of trade scenarios with the Magic this month, offering to serve as the team that would acquire Howard in a direct trade between the clubs, or as a third team that would participate in a trade that lands Howard with the Lakers and brings All-Star center Andrew Bynum to Houston.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Bynum included Houston on his list of preferred playing venues once he enters free agency next season, but the Magic didn't make the list. That makes him less appealing to Orlando, but Houston did make the young center's cut.

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