Lakers Trade Rumors: Candidates for LA in Summer of 2012

The passing of the March 15 NBA trade deadline means that Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum can rest easy…for now.

It’s true that the starting front-court of the Los Angeles Lakers will finish the season wearing purple and gold, but that doesn’t mean the trade rumors won’t resurface after their playoff run.

If the Lakers don’t manage to win this year’s NBA title, look for general manager Mitch Kupchak to trade away at least one part of their “Big Three”.

While Kobe Bryant still possesses tremendous trade value for a player finishing his 16th season, there is no way that Lakers management would contemplate moving him—which leaves Gasol and Bynum as the two targets to acquire.

Although both names are bound to arise in new trade rumors, the deal that is most likely to get done is one that has already been visited before.

Let’s revisit three trade scenarios from this season and see how they would work out in the future.



Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard

No matter how you break it down or how many draft choices the Lakers will include, the bulk of this trade still centers around the two All-Stars. 

 Just because Dwight Howard waived the early termination option in his contract, doesn’t mean he won’t be traded.  It simply means that he’ll just have to wait one more year before hitting free agency.

Before the trade deadline, Orlando Magic general manager Otis Smith revealed that, "We weren't rolling the dice." in regards to having Howard join another team without receiving compensation.

Look for this sentiment to remain throughout the rest of Howard’s time in Orlando.

If both sides can’t agree to a long-term deal between now and next season’s trade deadline, expect the trade rumors...

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