Lakers Trade Rumors: Acquiring Dwight Howard Would Make LA Immediate Favorites

With sources telling Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio that Dwight Howard could be traded soon, the Los Angeles Lakers again find themselves in the thick of the Howard saga in hopes of landing the 26-year-old All-Star.

According to Amico, the Orlando Magic took a brief hiatus from the Howard drama in order to address a more important need—the head coaching position.

Now that Jacque Vaughn has been named HC in Orlando, sources are saying that Howard could be traded by the end of this week, and the Lakers are hoping it's to LA.

On July 18, Amico reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers could step in to help facilitate a Howard-to-LA deal.

The deal would send Howard to the Lakers, Andrew Bynum to the Cavs and a bunch of veteran players and draft picks to the Magic.

This is arguably the best deal that Orlando has seen—and possibly may see—for the 6'11" center.

With that being said, if the Magic do wise up and accept this deal, the Lakers would become immediate favorites in the West.

Kobe Bryant is aging but is still one of the premier scorers in the game (27.9 PPG in 2011), Steve Nash has been one of the best distributors of this decade and Howard is a 20-20 threat every night he steps onto the court.

The Lakers finally have what they've been missing all along—a distinguished point guard who can pass and score.

And let's not forget about Pau Gasol, who is killing it for the Spanish Olympic team in London and had a solid 2011 campaign for the Lakers.

Los Angeles also added veteran PF Antawn Jamison in free agency and rookie guard Darius Johnson-Odom via the NBA Draft.

Bryant, Nash, Howard and Gasol would be far too much for the young Oklahoma City Thunder and the aging San Antonio Spurs.

If Howard comes to LA, the Lakers could boast a starting lineup of the following players:

PG Steve Nash
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Los Angeles Lakers