Lakers Rumors: Will Kobe Bryant Lead a Mutiny Against Mike Brown?

After a pair of disappointing losses to the bottom of the Eastern Conference, all is not well for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Defeats on the road to the Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards on back-to-back nights have sunk the Lakers' road mark on the season to 6-14.

Not quite the mark of a championship contender.

NBA championship contenders certainly don't drop games to 13-26 and 9-29 teams consecutively.

That leads us to head coach Mike Brown, who's coaching style and X's and O's were called into question by a players-only meeting by Lakers star Kobe Bryant and veteran Derek Fisher, according to ESPN's Chris Broussard.

Brown's been in a tough spot to begin with, having to replace possibly the greatest coach in NBA history in Phil Jackson. He moved from Tex Winter's successful triangle offense to a more traditional style of play.

Brown may be a good coach, but you never want to be the guy that replaces the legend. You want to be the guy who replaces the guy after the legend.

For Brown, he could be that guy in the middle.

If things don't pick up in Los Angeles and rather soon, his days could be numbered and Bryant could be the guy to make sure it happens.

Sure Bryant is a guy that's going to say the right things right now, but we all know he's a guy not afraid to speak his mind. That's part of what makes Bryant great.

The more this team struggles on the offensive end, the more Bryant is going to grow more unhappy with Brown.

With his final few years in the league, the Black Mamba doesn't want to spend time on a team that struggles to score 90 points per night.

Brown's comments after the Wizards loss apparently struck a nerve with several of Bryant's teammates after he said:

"It's very simple," Brown said. "In the first half, we played the right way; in the second half, we didn't. We forced shots, and forcing shots is not ...

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