Lakers Rumors: Why the Lakers Must Stay Away from Magic’s Recent Request

The Los Angeles Lakers should not make a trade with the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard.

According to a report from Sean Denevy of AOL Sporting News, the Orlando Magic want the Los Angeles Lakers to come back into trade talks for Dwight Howard.

One thing the Magic are holding out for, a source told Sporting News, is the resurrection of talks with the Los Angeles Lakers. As the process has played out, it has become clear that the Magic are not going to get a better player in return for Howard than All-Star Lakers center Andrew Bynum. Back in December, the Lakers had strong interest in Howard, but team VP Jim Buss said there was no way he would trade both Pau Gasol and Bynum to the Magic for Howard. Given Bynum’s injury history, a deal in which Bynum was the main target was a long shot.

Dwight Howard’s agent has already said that he will not sign a long-term contract with the Lakers. Not only that, but Andrew Bynum has been dominating opposing big men as of late and it seems like he may leap frog Howard for the honors of the best center in the NBA.

The only reason fans are itching for Howard is because they are scared that Bynum will go down with another injury. Although Andrew has had very scary injuries in his career, he has been healthy thus far this season and it seems like he may have found a way to stay healthy.

Trading Bynum for Howard would be a pointless move because the Lakers would then run the risk of losing Dwight in free agency this offseason. Even though Dwight has the talent to help the Lakers win a championship this season, he will likely not play to the best of his abilities if he is really upset about being a Laker.

On the other hand, Bynum has been playing lights out because he is tired of hearing about the trade rumors and how his knees are “made of glass”. Bynum is playing with the fire in his eyes that the Laker fans and management have wanted...

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