Lakers Rumors: Why Ramon Sessions Must Be the Lakers Top Priority This Summer

One day after hundreds of emails, texts, phone calls and post-it notes, the Los Angeles Lakers' point guard cupboard is still bare and free-agent Ramon Sessions is still unsigned.

The burning question: Will they reunite or is this the beginning of the end?  Sounds more like a description of Chris Brown and Rihanna than a basketball team and its former point guard.

The NBA's free agency period begins at 9 p.m. PT tomorrow and the Lakers must make an overture to the 6'3" Sessions, who just a week ago declined his player option to remain in L.A. so that he might test the free-agent waters for a bigger, longer contract and job security.

Despite coming off an awful 12-game postseason performance in which he averaged less than 10 points per game on 38 percent shooting and only 3.6 assists, Sessions is a desired commodity due to the league's lack of strong point guards and the Lakers' desperate need for one.  Put him in the "he'll do" category, with plenty of room for improvement.

Ramon Sessions will never be Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose.  But he certainly can play the point position and, at 26, has to be considered one of the league's better young playmakers, in a group that falls just below the A-list All-Stars. 

Sessions' supporters see the glass as half-full when they point out his 12.7 points, 48 percent shooting (49 percent from beyond the arc) and 6.2 assists in 30.5 minutes in his brief 23-game regular season as a members of the Lakers. 

These same fans feel Sessions' dismal playoff run was mostly due to nerves, this being his maiden voyage to the postseason and doing it with one of the most iconic teams in professional sports.

Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak was hopeful a few weeks ago that Sessions would exercise his one-year player option and remain with the team for the upcoming season.  Now Kupchak is unsure what Sessions wi...

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