Lakers Rumors: Why LA Should Stay Away from Brandon Roy

After two consecutive second-round exits in the Western Conference playoffs in 2011 and 2012, the Lakers have decided to make some major roster moves in order to make another title push in the Bryant era.

Recently, rumors have swirled about potential free-agent targets for the gold and purple, some more surprising than others.

Over the past year, the Lakers have been open to giving almost any current or former star a solid look, even considering former All-Stars Gilbert Arenas and Allen Iverson.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that when Brandon Roy recently "un-retired" and started working out in L.A., speculation began about the possibility of him becoming a Laker.

After allowing the public to ponder the possibility of Roy in gold and purple, a few days ago the Lakers put the kibosh on the rumor, indicating that they are not interested in the 27-year-old.

While fans might have romanticized the story of the injury-riddled Roy making a comeback and bolstering the Lakers and the lowest bench in the NBA, the fact is, this was a great decision by the Lakers' front office.

When healthy, Brandon Roy was one of the NBA's most entertaining acts and an electrifying scorer capable of dropping 20 points at will. The only things capable of stopping Roy are his knees—and they have, repeatedly.

Kobe Bryant is aging. Even with the post-German knee procedure success he has enjoyed, he is 33 years old. Pau Gasol is 31 years old. While Andrew Bynum is only 24 years old, he too has had to have knee procedures.

Adding a 27-year-old with severe degenerative issues in his knees to that Laker core would be practically asking for the team to break down midseason.

Beyond that, like Bryant, Roy usually plays the 2, which would make him an expensive bench player for the minutes he'd be allotted, if he's even able to play.

Last offseason, the Lakers looked like they w...

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