Lakers Rumors: Why LA Must Forget about Dwight Howard, Keep Andrew Bynum

This time last year, had you told me that Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum would be healthy and having a career year, I and every Lakers fan probably would have laughed in your face. He only has one full season under his belt and his knees are made of chalk. Yet, here he is having a career season averaging 17.4 points and 12.6 rebounds per game, not to mention 2.1 blocks. At long last, he has become the dominant seven-footer the team hoped he would be when they drafted him 10th overall in 2005.

However, Bynum's job has been anything but secure. I'm writing this now with the hope that Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak reads this so I can tell him one thing: DON'T DO IT!!

There are multiple reasons that the Lakers shouldn't trade for Howard, with Bynum's career year being just one of them. Yet, another reason would be the fact that any trade bringing Howard to Los Angeles may have to include Pau Gasol, which Jim Buss said in December that he is not willing to do.

These talks died a while ago, but according to Sean Deveny of The Sporting News, the Magic want the Lakers back in the mix for their All-Star center. I understand that Howard would be a great fit for the Lakers, as he could form a deadly tandem with All-Star guard Kobe Bryant. However, team management should back away from Howard, and fast.

Yes, Howard is a double-double machine who is easily the best center in the NBA, but most teams looking to acquire him are insisting that he sign a long-term extension with them before any deal be completed, and that is why Howard has not approved any trade thus far. In the Lakers' case, according to Kurt Helin of NBC Sports, Howard's agent, Donald Fegan, has already told Kupchak that Howard would not sign a new contract even if he was dealt there.

Thus, the Lakers would be trading away two fine frontcourt contributors in Gasol and Bynum for a guy who would essentially be a rental. Sure, the champio...

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