Lakers Rumors: Why Carmelo Anthony Signing Is Unlikely Despite Reported News

Because it's the Lakers. Those four words can be used to explain nearly everything that goes against common logic. After decades of excellence, so much faith has been engendered in this organization that you could tell me they're playing next season on Mars and I'd nod along.

Because it's the Lakers. This is the organization that has missed the playoffs just six times in its history and only once in back-to-back seasons. This is the organization that has pilfered multiple once-in-a-generation big men. The Lakers are the Lakers because they always know when to strike—and seemingly have a lucky horseshoe lodged up their (expletive) helping them to know when to act.

No organization in professional sports has ever been better run in the history of professional sports.

So when you hear the Lakers are suddenly serious contenders for Carmelo Anthony, the ears tend to perk up a bit. Such a claim was made by multiple reporters Saturday evening, first by Grantland's Bill Simmons before a cascade of confirmations came in from all angles.

The Lakers were largely expected to be little more than a courtesy meeting. Most pegged the Anthony chase as a two-horse race between the Bulls and Knicks, each of whom could give the seven-time All-Star things Los Angeles couldn't.

That the Lakers are trending upward in hierarchy as Anthony nears his decision—which is expected in the next couple of days—has to be nerve-wracking for front offices in Chicago and New York.

This is a franchise built on pulling off coups no one thought possible. Is Anthony soon to be the latest on a list the size of your average e-book?

Probably not.

While the summer of 2010 proved that anything is possible in the NBA, Anthony signing with the Lakers would take a major leap of faith and require an almost pathological desire to play in Los Angeles.

The Lakers ...

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