Lakers Rumors: Who Should Replace Mike Brown If He Continues to Fail?

Sadness and dismay loomed over Los Angeles the day Phil Jackson and his 13 championship rings walked through retirement's door. The air was knocked from Los Angeles' stomach, the wind robbed from her sails and the bounce taken from its step. Zen was no more.

The City of Angels became a City of Wails as its future seemingly tailspinned out of control. Parades and champagne were replaced with shadows and clouds, thunderstorms and darkness.

But, hope for continuity remained, as Brian Shaw was considered the heavy favorite to replace Jackson and was even endorsed by Kobe Bryant.

As if the grim reaper did not have enough laughs, Shaw was unexpectedly terminated in shady fashion, paving the way for a new coaching era in L.A.

In a blur of shocking events, Mike Brown became the chosen successor to Phil Jackson, creating an atmosphere of surprise and disappointment.

Phil Jackson certainly left behind some large shoes to fill, but Coach Brown? Coach Mike Brown as the king's successor? 

You've got to be kiddin' me!

While last year's outcome certainly garnered mixed opinions, Brown's choices and direction during the season-long journey were questionable at best.

Yes, Andrew Bynum flourished and became an All-Star for the first time under Brown's direction, but at what expense?

Pau Gasol, a key ingredient in the Lakers' 2008-2010 championship run, became the third option behind Kobe Bryant and Bynum. The results were a disaster of sorts, as Andrew brought his A-game only half of the time, and Gasol disappeared altogether.

Friction between the players and coach became prevalent as Metta World Peace and Brown took jabs at each other through the media.

Andrew Bynum lost all respect for Brown at one point, refusing to join team huddles because he was "getting his zen on," as he la...

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