Lakers Rumors: What It Would Take for Dwight Howard to Spurn LA

The Dwightmare isn’t over—it’s only been stalled.

In the 2012-2013 NBA campaign, Dwight Howard’s name won’t surface in a single trade rumor. But while Howard has a home on the Los Angeles Lakers for now, he isn’t handcuffed to Hollywood forever. If this season doesn’t go smoothly, D12 could silence all dynasty talk and abandon ship next summer.

ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted a few reports that should give Laker Nation the bad kinda butterflies.

ESPN source says Dwight definitely NOT doing extension with Lakers. Will test drive Lakerland for season and go to free agency in July 2013

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) August 10, 2012 If L.A. does not work out for Dwight, says source briefed on his thinking, he knows "Dallas will be there for him." Mavs will have cap space

— Marc Stein (@ESPNSteinLine) August 10, 2012 Now, as you can imagine, for it to “not work out” in L.A., the Lakers would have to implode.

Dave D’Alessandro of the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported that Kobe Bryant has even looked ahead to the passing of the torch from his hands to Howard’s. Said Bryant,

I’ll probably play two or three more years. Then the team is his (Howard’s). I’m excited for the Lakers franchise. Because this is a guy who can carry the franchise well after I’m gone. So it should be his. He should be willing to accept the challenge.

What would have to happen for Howard to spurn the Lakers with not only a legitimate shot at winning a ring today, but the keys to the franchise being delivered to his doorstep tomorrow?

Howard isn’t feuding with Pau Gasol. The Spaniard is too unselfish—he accepted a reduced role in 2012 to allow Andrew Bynum to blossom.

He wouldn’t feud with Nash. Howard is the best pick-and-roll big in the league, and he fi...

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