Lakers Rumors: Steve Nash’s Bizarre Custody Battle Defines His Season Thus Far

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash is making a lot more noise off the court than he is on it.

According to TMZ, Nash's ex-wife Alejandra wants to move her and Nash's children out to Los Angeles but the star point guard doesn't want her to.

The reason?

No one is saying much right now, but it sounds like Nash wants his ex-wife and children to remain in Arizona so he doesn't have to pay more in child support—or at least that's what TMZ is speculating.

I think I just lost a ton of respect for Nash after learning that he can't cough up a few more dollars to be a father to his children.

Nash agreed to a sign-and-trade offer this summer that sent him from the Phoenix Suns to the Lakers for an estimated $27 million over three years, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

Since becoming a Laker, Nash has played in just two games since suffering a shin injury against the Portland Trail Blazers on Oct. 31. Between his custody battle and everyone wondering when he's going to return, it's fair to say Nash has been more of a distraction than a help so far in L.A.

With the Lakers playing terribly and Kobe Bryant calling out his teammates for their lack of toughness and poor play, Nash's off-court issue doesn't come at a convenient time for Los Angeles.

The Lakers are fresh off a 113-103 loss to the Orlando Magic, who played hack-a-Dwight on Sunday night to beat L.A., which resulted in Kobe going on another rant and saying that he'd kick some butt in the locker room if the dismal play continues, according to Yahoo! Sports.

I don't know if I'm more baffled by how bad the Lakers have played or by Nash not wanting to be near his kids, but either way things are getting pretty hairy in Hollywood right now.

Could you imagine if Mike Brown was still the coach?

Now all we need is a Shaq sighting to get this party started.



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