Lakers Rumors: Stat Predictions for Kobe, Nash and Team If Grant Hill Goes to LA

Quick—someone call up Morgan Freeman. The NBA's aging stars are marching like penguins to join the Los Angeles Lakers and there's nobody around to narrate the documentary!

Actually, that's not true. There's no shortage of famous actors in LA who could lend their smooth vocal stylings to such an endeavor, especially now that Grant Hill appears to be leaning his way into purple and gold.

Thanks in no small part to close friend Steve Nash and longtime "foe" Kobe Bryant, his two prospective teammates.

Adding a 39-year-old Hill would hardly vault the Lakers to the top of the list of title contenders, nor would missing out on him leave the team mired in the middle like Malcolm.

Supposing Hill signs on the dotted line in the City of Angels, what might his statistical contributions look like on this revamped Lakers squad, next to those of Kobe, Nash and the rest of the residents at the Staples Center?

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