Lakers Rumors: Speculation from Los Angeles on Kevin Love, Draft and More

There was a time when the Los Angeles Lakers would still be playing in late May and early June. Ask your older brother about it.

Instead, the Lakers are solely focused on the 2015-16 campaign and how they will improve their team in an important offseason. Yes, Kobe Bryant and Julius Randle will be healthy next year, but that alone will not be enough to compete in the loaded Western Conference.

Naturally, there have been subsequent rumors and speculation surrounding potential free agents and draft decisions for the Lakers. Here is a look at a few of them.


Kevin Love

It is almost easy to forget about Kevin Love while the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare for the NBA Finals. After all, the stretch forward was lost for the season in the first round of the playoffs, and the Cavaliers proceeded to steamroll their way to the conference crown anyway.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Grantland’s Zach Lowe (via RealGM) noted on a recent podcast that Los Angeles could be a factor this offseason with Love:

"Every executive I talk to, every agent I talk to, every quasi insider, every girlfriend's cousin's sister's boyfriend all says this guy is out of there," said Brian Windhorst during a podcast with Zach Lowe.

"I hear the same thing from everybody," said Lowe. "From everyone that is two or three or four steps removed. I don't quite believe all of that."

"I agree," replied Windhorst.

"Part of what's going on there is the Lakers' boogeyman," said Lowe. "They don't just say he's out of there, they say 'He's going to the Lakers.' That has much to do with the fear people have of the Lakers as it does with Kevin Love."

This is not the last time you will read about Love potentially joining the Lakers. He went to college at UCLA and could theoretically “return home” to be Los Angeles’ next superstar after ...

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