Lakers Rumors: Sign-and-Trade for Eric Bledsoe Is Risk LA Must Avoid

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly interested in a sign-and-trade to land talented Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe.

Jordan Schultz of The Huffington Post has the latest buzz for Bledsoe's potential exit from the desert, stating that Los Angeles is the most likely destination for him beyond Phoenix:

That's fine. The Lakers are in need of some serious roster upgrades beyond the likes of aging and injury-plagued All-Stars Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant. Another notable member of the team is Jeremy Lin, who may only turn out to be a one-year rental as it is.

Then came the Lakers' apparent justification of interest from Schultz:

Yes, Bledsoe is a dynamic force at the point and has upside still to determine just how good he can be. But Los Angeles going close to a max deal on him would be a massive risk at the moment—and one that doesn't fit with its needs right now.

Bryant likes Bledsoe's game? Great. An endorsement from the most important active Laker is a nice bonus for general manager Mitch Kupchak. However, there won't be much time for Bryant and Bledsoe to play together and bringing Bledsoe into the fold won't be enough to make the Lakers a legitimate title contender right away.

Plus, Pau Gasol is now gone, and froncourt players like him don't just spontaneously appear. No. 7 overall pick Julius Randle therefore needn't be dealt before he's had a chance to prove himself.

Randle led Kentucky in rebounding in his only year there—Bledsoe's school, ironically enough—proving he could get it done on the big stage. The versatile forward is meant to add grit, toughness and sheer ability to crash the glass after the Lakers finished 25th in rebounding in 2013-14.

Dr. Robert Klapper of Fox Sports 1 noted how Bryant and Randle are destined to mesh well together:

In that vein, Bled...

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