Lakers Rumors: Pros and Cons of Trading Steve Nash to Toronto Raptors

According to Alex Kennedy of, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash could be traded by season's end. This comes just one year after L.A. acquired the future Hall of Fame floor general from the Phoenix Suns.

The question is, what are the pros and cons of potentially trading Nash?

Nash, 39, is currently in his 18th season in the NBA. He spent six years with the Dallas Mavericks, 10 with the Phoenix Suns and is in his second year with the Lakers. He's also three months away from 40.

With all of these factors weighed, it's not surprising to learn which team is interested in Nash's services: the Toronto Raptors.

If nothing else, it makes sense for the Raptors.

Nash, a native of Canada, is the general manager of the Canadian national basketball team. He's immensely popular in the Toronto area and was offered a contract by the Raptors prior to the 2012-13 regular season.

As strong of a fit as it may be, there's only one question that matters in Los Angeles: what would this trade mean for the Lakers?


Pro: Clearing Cap Space for 2014

No matter how well Los Angeles plays in 2013-14, it will be making dramatic changes during the 2014 offseason.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles reports that Kobe Bryant won't take a pay cut, and neither will Pau Gasol, per Mark Medina of The Los Angeles Daily News.

As brilliant of an era as those two players led in Los Angeles, re-signing both to max contracts is downright dangerous.

Having both on the roster ensures that the Lakers will be contending for a postseason berth, but both players are aging and battling injuries.

Even if they are to part ways with both, the key will be adding depth, and that's where Nash comes in.

Nash's contract is too heavy for the Lakers to surround those two—or any other two stars...

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