Lakers Rumors: Phil Jackson Texting Dwight Howard Sign of Future Reunion in L.A.

How could the Los Angeles Lakers' tumultuous season get any more interesting? How about if Phil Jackson came in consistent contact with a superstar other than Kobe Bryant?

According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles, that's exactly what's transpiring—and it's a sign of a future reunion.

McMenamin reports that Jackson has been in contact with Lakers center Dwight Howard. The two have reportedly exchanged texts, as Jackson helps D-12 through his back injuries.

Nothing short of an intriguing development.

The Zen Master and the centers have a longstanding history of getting along well, do they not?

To be clear, this article is not suggesting that Jackson will be coaching the Lakers any time soon. Instead, it is to acknowledge the fact that there are multiple positions for Jackson to fill.

Something he has publicly acknowledged.


A Potential Front Office Position

In a candid interview with Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated, Phil Jackson had surprising words in reference to his future. He touched upon the prospect of coaching again and where he may end up in the future.

To paraphrase, Jackson is done with coaching, but he'd like to be the "Vice president of operations or director of player personnel."

Jackson: I'm not coaching. I told Mitch [Kupchak, Lakers GM] that back in October. So when we sat down in November [to talk about taking over after Mike Brown was fired], he brought that up and I said, "Well, this isn't about moving or going somewhere else and learning new players. It's different. So I'm ready to think about coming back, but I still have to think about it."

But I do hold out the idea that there's still influence in the game I could have. Red Auerbach, Pete Newell, Wayne Embry, guys like that have had... a number of people have had considerable influence and haven't been coach...

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