Lakers Rumors: Pau Gasol Deserves More Respect After Bringing LA Two Titles

The Los Angeles Lakers are making a grave mistake by openly shopping Pau Gasol. They need to remember that this is the man that pushed them over the edge and helped them win back-to-back championships.

According to Brian Kamenetzky of ESPN Los Angeles, the power forward is well aware that his team could ship him off before the March 15 deadline and it’s difficult for him to keep his mind off that.

"Every day I tell myself, try to let it go. Don't think about it. Have fun, be the player you are out there," Gasol said. "That's all that you can do."

It’s ridiculous that the player who is responsible for banners in the Staples Center is being treated this way, especially after the failed Chris Paul trade from earlier in the season that would have sent him to Houston.

Just because the Lakers aren’t on top of the West does not mean the problem is with Gasol, Kobe Bryant or Andrew Bynum. The three All-Stars need to stay and the supporting cast needs to change.

Speaking of the Black Mamba… he should want to keep Pau around as well.

Bryant may be the star, but he’s proven he can’t do everything himself. That became clear in the 2006 and 2007 playoffs, when the Phoenix Suns demolished the Lakers in back-to-back first round matchups.

After the crushing 2007 defeat, LA infamously “fleeced” (the trade isn’t so awful now that Marc Gasol developed into an All-Star) the Memphis Grizzlies for Pau and then went to three Finals in a row, winning two of them.

Gasol is just as big a reason as Kobe for the winning culture in Hollywood over the past few years and needs to remain a Laker for the rest of his career.

Shopping him around for parts to try to make up for Ron Artest and Derek Fisher’s shortcomings is just flat out disrespectful. 

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