Lakers Rumors: Orlando Has No Choice but to Deal Dwight Howard Before September

Not another Dwight Howard article!

Before my peers bash me for beating an already-beaten egg, I have one guarantee for you:

This piece will present its readers with a fresh outlook on the Howard-Magic divorce process. I have literally read hundreds of Dwight Howard rumor and opinion articles, and none have presented the logic and thought processes I will outline in this story.

So, before you pick up your baseball bats and 12-gauge shotguns, consider this first: I have gone the length and beyond to evaluate every thought process seemingly possible in regards to the Orlando Magic's GM Rob Hennigan and Howard himself.  

Based on public knowledge and common sense, I have come up with the following conclusions.

What you have not read so far may certainly surprise you.

Before we dive into the reasons why Orlando must deal Howard before training camp begins, we should first take a trip down memory lane to recall specific events that led up to this situation as it currently stands. 

On March 16, 2012, only moments before the NBA's trade deadline was set to pass, Dwight Howard shocked the sports world by opting into the final year of his contract, locking him in with the Orlando Magic through 2013 (h/t to Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine).

This was especially surprising because Howard had been pressuring Orlando's front office to trade him to the Brooklyn Nets throughout the season.

When the trade deadline arrived, Orlando reportedly schemed a plan that would trap Howard in a corner and force him to opt into the final year of his deal or be traded to the...gulp...Los Angeles Lakers (per FOX Sports).

The aftermath is well-documented, as Howard accused Orlando staff of blackmail and deceit, according to Matt Moore of CBS Sports.

There are all kinds of theories and rationalizations that can be drawn up in reference to what went on behi...

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