Lakers Rumors: Most Ideal Trade Partners for LA to Trade Up in Draft

According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to trade into the first round of the 2013 NBA draft. Amico's sources state that at the heart of a potential deal could be none other than walking rumor mill Pau Gasol.

The question is, who would be the most ideal trade partners for L.A. to move up in the draft?

As it presently stands, the Lakers will not have the opportunity to draft a prospect until the 18th pick of the second round. They traded their first-round draft choice to the Phoenix Suns as a part of the Steve Nash trade and have thus found themselves in familiar territory.

The Lakers haven't picked in the first round since 2009, when they traded their selection, Toney Douglas, to the New York Knicks for a second-rounder and cash.

Furthermore, L.A. hasn't drafted in the first round and kept their pick since 2007. That was the year in which they landed Javaris Crittenton, whom they traded in the midst of his rookie season as a part of the Pau Gasol deal.

So when did they actually draft in the first round and hold on to their pick?

The last time the Lakers drafted in the first round and kept their selection for at least one season was 2006, when they landed Jordan Farmar. Farmar proceeded to be a key player on two Lakers title teams.

In case you were wondering why the Lakers have no youth or athleticism, that recap should answer all of your questions—so who could help them cure those woes?


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