Lakers Rumors: Metta World Peace Hints at Being a Part of Potential Laker Trade

This is starting to feel like a struggling racing horse who has injured his leg and is fighting to get across the finish line. With every twist and turn, rumor, fact and myth, it seems the Lakers are getting closer to landing their new franchise player.

But, as if by some cruel joke, things are taking way too long for the majority of fans to stomach. It's like that mirage of water in the hot, never-ending desert. When will we see paradise?

In the never-ending saga of Dwight Howard reports, a new, yet quite predictable source has emerged: Metta World Peace. This is what he had to say via Twitter.


Only way to make big trades : You gotta trade big time players. No way around it.... I'm so dope . Recognize

— Metta WorldPeace (@MettaWorldPeace) July 7, 2012  

Okay, so this is Metta World Peace we are talking about, the guy  who has a tendency to say whatever comes to his mind. This time, though, is this guy for real?

While Lakers fans wait and hinge on every internet rumor, as if they offer some glimpse of hope, World Peace takes the spotlight with a timely quote yet again.

Move aside, ESPN. Step back, Adrian Wojnarowski. A new source has emerged.

This is getting ridiculous.

Yesterday, I saw the sexy Kate Upton Carl's Jr. commercial and, well, it didn't have me craving that juicy jalapeno burger it advertised. Instead, my mouth was drooling over Steve Nash to Dwight Howard alley-oops and it had me fantasizing about championship trophies come June 2013 and 2014.

I got a fever.

In my previous column a couple of days ago, I reported that the Lakers were inching even closer to a Howard deal. They had informed a player outside of Andrew Bynum that he could be in the package deal at any moment.

Did Metta World Peace just tip the Lakers' hand?

Andrew Bynum and World Peace for Dwight Howard and ...

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