Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles Should Reconsider Taking Pau Gasol Off Trade Market

At what point do the Los Angeles Lakers realize this is a lost season and start planning accordingly? Pau Gasol isn't going to help in the long term, so the franchise might as well get some value out of him while it still can.

Long part of on-again, off-again trade rumors, Gasol looks to be going nowhere for the time being, and ESPN Los Angeles's Ramona Shelburne reported that L.A. is effectively taking the veteran big man off the market.

Today, though, brought news that Kobe Bryant could miss six weeks after a lateral tibial plateau fracture in his left knee.

This should serve as the tipping point for what Los Angeles will do with Gasol. While he could sign a new deal to stay with the team beyond 2014, you have to wonder if it's in the best interests of the Lakers to retain the star forward.

Before Bryant's injury, the Lakers weren't considered any sort of threat to win the NBA title this year. If anything, they'd make the playoffs and maybe spring a surprise in the first round before getting bounced by a higher seed in the conference semifinals.

Now, with their best player out for at least a month and the injuries plaguing their point guards, the Lakers will be lucky to make the playoffs at all.

With so little to play for in the present, it should start looking to the future.

Going back to last year, you knew the Lakers were facing a reckoning point in the next year or two. They could only limp along for a short time before it would be time to begin the rebuild. Major changes are needed from top to bottom in order to make this team a contender again.

Trading Gasol can be the beginning of the much-needed rebuild.

Looking at his production this year—there's nothing that makes you think he could be a cornerstone for the franchise going forward.

Although Gasol is seeing increases in point...

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