Lakers Rumors: Los Angeles Should Jump at Opportunity to Trade Steve Nash

If the Los Angeles Lakers can find a second party willing to take Steve Nash, they should buy the veteran point guard a plane ticket immediately.

Seems harsh for a highly entertaining point guard who orchestrated some of the NBA's best offenses in Phoenix during a Hall of Fame career, but Nash is no longer a spry floor general. At 39 years old, he is shooting 28 percent from the floor through five games, averaging just 5.2 assists per game during the young season.

Yet name recognition alone might cause some teams to inquire about Nash. According to HoopsWorld's Alex Kennedy, Nash could be traded this season, with the Toronto Raptors possibly arranging a reunion to his home country.

Nash is owed $19 million over the next two years, which makes him a lofty investment at this point in his career. That leaves us guessing whether the Lakers would take Toronto's unwanted contracts (Steve Novak and Landry Fields come to mind) or possibly steal Kyle Lowry. Or make a move for Rudy Gay.

If the Lakers can get anything for Nash, it's time to move on. Nash, who has struggled to see the court due to nerve damage in his previously broken leg, has looked like a shell of himself during limited playing time. Once admired as someone in amazing enough shape to defy age, Nash has succumbed to Father Time.

Basketball-Reference helps display Nash's downfall in a small sample size. His 8.0 PER is half of last year's rate, which has also slid from past marks. While on the court the Lakers have scored 89 points per 100 possessions. His career offensive rating resides at 118.

No longer is Nash gliding off a pick a heart-pounding event for defenders. ESPN's Ethan Sherwood Strauss (formerly a Bleacher Report NBA Lead Writer) captured the depressing nature of watching Nash struggle with fellow veteran Pau Gasol.

For Toronto, trading for Nash would largely be a PR maneuver to bring the Ca...

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