Lakers Rumors: Let the Ramon Sessions Era Begin in Los Angeles

Put aside the emotions, the disloyalty, the anger and the frustration in coping with the loss of Derek Fisher, and you'll realize the Los Angeles Lakers made a brilliant trade deadline move. This once waffling, uncertain franchise at midseason has now turned into automatic championship contenders by the simple stroke of Jim Buss' pen.

Ramon Sessions, a young, speedy, playground-type scorer and physical defender, was the exact piece the Lakers needed to get the team back to the promised land. 

Sure, it came at a steep price in Derek Fisher. But judging by the elated reaction from Kobe and crew in last night's defeat of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Sessions' arrival will be just the ticket to fill the Lakers' biggest weakness on paper—the PG position.

Based on the events that started the season—the botched CP3 trade and unceremonious departure of Lamar Odom—the Lakers simply had to make a trade at the deadline just to shake off the funk.

And not just any trade. A big one.

Heading into Thursday, the questions and anticipation were at all-time highs.

Would the team trade Andrew Bynum, their biggest asset, to acquire the services of sought-after trade target Dwight Howard? 

Would the departure of Pau Gasol—a player linked to every single trade rumor prior to the deadline—be the price the Lakers would have to pay to get help at the PG position?

Come Friday morning, it was neither, and the team's biggest advantage—the frontcourt—was thankfully intact.

Instead, the Lakers made a shocking move and sent their most beloved leader—the cornerstone of the locker room, the lifeblood of the team and the classiest professional in basketball—to Houston, just to make room for Sessions and his chance to lead the team at point.

It was definitely a big move, and definitely something that shook up e...

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