Lakers Rumors: Latest Trade, Free-Agent Buzz Following 2015 NBA Draft

Looks like the Los Angeles Lakers are back.

Well, kind of.

With the second pick of the 2015 NBA draft, the team picked up what it hopes is the next superstar in point guard D’Angelo Russell, an electrifying 19-year-old out of Ohio State. But general manager Mitch Kupchak still has other holes to fill on the roster.

L.A. will have hoards of cap room this summer, and the team will definitely be aggressive as Kobe Bryant heads toward the final chapter of his career.

What’s the word coming out of Los Angeles? Let’s look at three of the biggest rumors swirling around.


Dangling D’Angelo

No, this can’t be...can it?

So, after passing on Jahlil Okafor with the No. 2 pick, Los Angeles would really consider trading their new golden boy?

According to Mark Heisler of Forbes, it’s possible. He wrote: "If the Lakers and Sacramento Kings stopped talking about DeMarcus Cousins to take part in the NBA draft, it remains to be seen if that was merely a pause. A league source tells that the Lakers would still trade newly-drafted D’Angelo Russell for Cousins."


Opting to add Russell to an already guard-stacked roster when a big like Okafor was available surely shows that the team sees Hollywood-esque success on the lefty’s horizon. And this rumor doesn't really change that.

Still, it’s alarming that Heisler would report that the team would send Russell packing if the Kings changed their mind on a trade for Boogie.


D.J. Looking at the Other Team in L.A.

DeAndre Jordan would cure L.A.’s big fella woes.

The Los Angeles Clippers center is an absolute freak on defense, guarding the tin like a momma bear guards her cubs—ferociously.

Jordan will be an unrestri...

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