Lakers Rumors: Latest Trade and Free-Agent Chatter Surrounding Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Lakers finished last season with an abysmal 27-55 record, but an offseason full of changes has led to even more rumors surrounding what the franchise still may do via trade or on the free-agency market.

With Phoenix Suns point guard Eric Bledsoe a reported trade target for Los Angeles and free-agent small forward Michael Beasley on the team’s radar, the franchise could still have one or two more blockbuster moves left to make.

Here are the latest rumors surrounding the Lakers organization.


Lakers Considering a Trade for Eric Bledsoe?

Los Angeles may have added former Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin this offseason, but the franchise is reportedly kicking the tires on Phoenix restricted free agent Bledsoe as the possible long-term replacement for Steve Nash.

Bledsoe and the Suns have yet to reach a new deal, and in an interview with Kyle Burger of WVTM-TV, he made it clear there could be some tension between the team and the player as the process continues to drag on.

According to Jordan Schultz of NBC Sports, Phoenix would consider a deal, but the asking price will be high:

The Suns should and will do everything in their power to keep a talented young player like Bledsoe with the franchise, but the organization is smart to leave every option open in case a new deal isn’t struck.

Phoenix is asking for a lot with 2014 first-rounder Julius Randle and the first-round pick acquired from Houston, but Bledsoe may be worth it. Not only does he already have four years of experience in the NBA, but he also is only 24 years old with plenty of room to grow.

Randle has the potential to blossom into a star, but there is a risk with any unproven prospect, and the Lakers know exactly what they’d get from Bledsoe. Add in the fact that the Houston pick may be in the latter stages of the first r...

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