Lakers Rumors: Latest on DeMarcus Cousins, Potential Draft Trades and More

It seems the Los Angeles Lakers just pulled back the curtains on the master plan—DeMarcus Cousins.

Everyone who has even a smidgen of know-how when it comes to the Association knew general manger Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers weren't going to just sit around and not swing for the fences at some point. 

Last year, the team landed a top-five selection and took Kentucky's Julius Randle. This year, the team touts another top-five selection and a core continuing to look on the upswing. It seemed a matter of time before the front office went all-in on either the trade or free-agency market.

The new juggernauts of the rumor mill are here. Let's take a look at the latest below, because the team's alleged desire for one of the league's best big men is far from the only nugget making the rounds.


Trading Draft Pick(s)?

With all the hype around the Lakers clutching the No. 2 pick in this week's draft, it's quite easy to forget the team still owns No. 27, too, via the Houston Rockets.

It's an interesting situation for the front office to find itself in, barring a move. The spot means the team could land an experienced collegiate player who could function as key depth, but it also means a prospect soaks up cap room.

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders shares the report:

While "out of" may seem to imply a trade down, keep in mind the Lakers could always go the opposite direction and package No. 27 with a second-round selection to move up in the first round and grab a prospect they like.

If Los Angeles feels comfortable with its cap situation, two rookies, perhaps both coming in the first half of the opening round, would work wonders for the long-term outlook.

Of course, the Lakers have to want to stick to this strategy as opposed to the instant-gratification ways of free agency.

Either way, th...

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