Lakers Rumors: Latest on DeMar DeRozan Pursuit and Luke Walton Staff Buzz

Things are finally, mercifully looking up for the Los Angeles Lakers. They didn't have to forfeit their first-round pick, got their first coaching option in Luke Walton and are well on their way to getting a third young star to build around.

LSU's Ben Simmons or Duke's Brandon Ingram will likely suit up in purple and gold next season. The Philadelphia 76ers have the option of selecting either of the draft's top two players, an unenviable situation that's flummoxed draft aficionados all season. The Lakers get to sit back, watch Philly sweat and then pluck the satisfied leftover.

Still, this is the Lakers. If you'll allow a double negative here, there's never not something going on behind the scenes at Staples Center. The Lakers are understandably tired of scrounging at the NBA's bottom barrel and are finally unshackled from the final few Kobe Bryant years. They're legitimately a franchise on the rise, finally attractive to free agents after being a superficial contender for the game's biggest names.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the latest offseason buzz from Los Angeles.


Lakers Expected to Offer DeRozan Megadeal

The DeMar DeRozan-to-Los Angeles rumors are far from new. It's not even that hard to draw a through line and create the connection before you get to legitimate sources. DeRozan grew up a Lakers fan in Compton, California, before playing his college ball at USC. He plays for a Raptors franchise that's more famous for losing stars than retaining them. 

The Lakers have a vacancy at shooting guard and max-level cap room. DeRozan just happens to be the type of polarizing player Toronto has to consider cutting bait with if the price gets too high. He's a free-throw hound and an improved defender, but he chucks up a disconcerting number of bad mid-range jumpers and has a strong affinity for hero ball.

In some ways, it'd be legitimate to call h...

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