Lakers Rumors: Latest Chatter on Rajon Rondo, Greg Monroe and More

We all know the Los Angeles Lakers haven't been good this season. They put up a franchise-low 27 wins last season (since the team's move to Los Angeles), and they're on pace to finish just as poorly this year as well.

Obviously, those struggles lead to plenty of speculation regarding the team's future. After all, Kobe Bryant won't be around much longer—two more years has been the recent buzz, per (via—and the Lakers don't have too many long-term options residing on their roster.

Will they make any big moves? If so, when will they pull the trigger? Recent gossip from trusted sources around the Web has led to speculation on some top-tier talent and where Los Angeles stands in regards to making a potential acquisition.


Rajon Rondo Rumors

Rajon Rondo may be the most coveted point guard in the entire NBA. He does it all. One of the Association's best facilitators, the guard has averaged double-digit assists in four of his last five seasons (including this year), just missing out on the mark in 2013-14 with an average of 9.8 per game. Yeah, that's not too shabby.

Of course, every team would love a talent like that in its backcourt—especially a team such as Los Angeles that has plenty of shot-takers but severely lacks a shot-creator. This has led to speculation regarding a potential acquisition of Rondo's services by the Lakers.

Well, unfortunately, for the team's faithful, it doesn't appear as though that's going to happen, according to Sean Deveney of the Sporting News:

Though the Lakers, like many teams, have a standing interest in Rondo, one source told Sporting News any notion of Los Angeles acquiring Rondo is, "all smoke, no fire." The Celtics and Lakers have had no substantive talks regarding Rondo, and sources continue to maintain that Rondo has not been shopped by Boston in any way.

After a one-point ...

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