Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on Steve Nash, Dante Exum, Kevin Love and More

Few teams have had a more disappointing season than the Los Angeles Lakers, but between the NBA draft this year and the 2015 free-agency period, fans of the team have managed to find something to look forward to.

Luckily for those fans, this batch of rumors deals directly with the team's future, from those players likely to be back this season to those that the team will make a push to add. Let's break down the buzz.


Steve Nash

Steve Nash is 40 years old and has appeared in just 12 games this season. He's also due to make a healthy chunk of change next season. For those reasons, the Lakers plan on keeping him next year.

Wait, what?

Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times explains:

For financial reasons, the Lakers currently plan to keep him next season, The Times has learned, eating the remainder of his contract ($9.7 million) in one swoop instead of waiving him and spreading the money out over three years.

It would give them more money to spend in the summers of 2015 and 2016, when they figure to be active players in the free-agent market amid such possible names as Kevin Love, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

So the Lakers will take the 40-year-old Nash into next season and hope he can play more than a handful of games.

So, the Lakers are going to have to absorb that contract hit one way or another. Might as well do it all in one chunk next year and hope Nash can stay healthy and produce somewhat in 2014-15.

According to that report, the Lakers also intend on keeping point guard Kendall Marshall, currently averaging 8.1 points and 8.9 assists per game with the team. Marshall's jumper and defense leave a lot to be desired, but he certainly keeps his teammates involved in the offense. 

So for at least next season, the Lakers have cover at the point guard position. They'l...

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