Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on Jordan Clarkson, Draft Plans and More

The Los Angeles Lakers remain one of the rumor market's headline acts ahead of the 2016 NBA draft and free agency.

Being the Lakers sure doesn't hurt. Even without such a prestigious brand and market, a team undergoing one of the Association's most significant rebuilds under the supervision of a new head coach and featuring young stars, a possible top-two pick and salary cap to play with in free agency demands attention.

Got all that? This is one of the offseasons that folks have circled on the calendar for years when it comes to the Lakers. Slowly, the rumors trickling out of the woodwork confirm big things might be in the cards for the organization.

Here's a look at the latest rumblings with the draft approaching on June 23.


The No. 2 Pick Is...

...not Dragan Bender?

Maybe this isn't the most shocking development in the world. Conventional wisdom has suggested for the better part of a year that Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram would be the one-two punch at the top of the 2016 class.

Alas, a guy with the traits Bender brings to the table always stands a chance at disrupting the draft. At least until he doesn't, according to reporter David Pick:

It's interesting to hear that a team with as many needs as the Lakers could lose interest in a guy who's 7'1" and 216 pounds and has the ability to shoot from anywhere on the court.

One could argue for Bender in one of two ways: Either the Lakers already have Julius Randle down low and want him to develop, or they could pair Bender with Randle and let the former's shooting free up space for the latter.

Regardless, it sounds like the Lakers would rather add a pro-ready hybrid player such as Ingram, who can score well from all ranges after averaging 17.3 points and 6.8 rebounds per game as a freshman with Duke last year.

Ingram, like Bender, wouldn't fix everyth...

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