Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz Involving Ongoing Head Coaching Search

The Los Angeles Lakers really need to hire a head coach.

This offseason should be considered critical for this franchise due to a healthy Kobe Bryant, a new-look roster and some great rookie talent following a disastrous 2013 season. If this team is to complete its bounce-back bid, a coach must be in the fold.

Los Angeles has been taking its sweet time looking for its replacement for Mike D'Antoni. That was alright in the early stages of the offseason, as plenty of options were out there and the team had to undergo its due diligence.

It's now nearing the end of July, though, and the team has had a clear front-runner in Byron Scott for quite some time now.

So, why haven't the Lakers finalized a deal yet? Well, recent rumors around the Web may help shed some light on the situation.

Did the status of Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers have something to do with the prolonged search?

According to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News, that wasn't the case:

Amid all the unanswered questions who the Lakers will hire as their next head coach and when, two team sources strongly disputed that any delay stems from waiting out to see if Clippers coach Doc Rivers will become available because of embattled owner Donald Sterling prolonging a costly litigation battle.

If that wasn't the issue, what was?

Well, Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders gave his thoughts on what may be holding up the proceedings:

That actually makes plenty of sense. It could be argued the Lakers are looking to do what they can over the next couple of seasons before being forced to rebuild after the departure of Bryant.

But, it appears as though the Lakers are excessively dragging out the process.

Dave McMenamin of recently reported that, although Scott is the leading candidate for the job, the team is still looking to con...

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