Lakers Rumors: LA Won’t Get Enough Value to Justify Trading Pau Gasol

In what ranks as the least shocking rumor of the NBA preseason, Los Angeles Lakers power forward Pau Gasol appears to be on the trading block. 

Fox Sports' Sam Amico hits us with the most recent scuttlebutt on the often-discussed Gasol. Amico reports that one executive out of the Eastern Conference has "heard from the Lakers recently," and that the storied franchise is exploring the possibility of making a "substantial" move before the regular season gets under way. 

He also adds, "Apparently, forward Pau Gasol remains far from untouchable."

Of course he's not untouchable! Isn't everyone in the NBA acutely aware of this by now? Do the Lakers just make the rounds periodically, reminding teams that the multitalented Gasol can be had for the right price? 

Gasol was already traded from the Lakers once. He famously remained after the trade was vetoed. What in the world has transpired since then that would make anyone think Gasol came off the trade market? 

The Lakers have only disappointed on the court and Gasol's stats are dipping in almost every category. 

The only realistic change that should be speculated upon when it comes to the Lakers' willingness to trade the 33-year-old Spaniard is what the club is looking for in return.

As you'll recall, the vetoed trade centered around the Lakers landing point guard Chris Paul. The Lakers are still on the hunt for a point guard. At least according to Amico—who went on to say that "It is believed" the Lakers covet a "younger point guard" with a penchant for scoring.

That certainly makes sense. Steve Nash is ancient. He's not capable of handling the full load at the point for the Lakers, and with Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar backing up Nash, it's not like the Lakers should feel they have the point guard of the future on the roster.

However, while their thinking makes s...

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